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Seja bem vindo(a) !

Our History



Our Founder

       Aero Arte has as its creator and founder the designer Eduardo Ulyssea. He has also been working as an Aviation Art designer since the 1990s, using Graffiti on Paper as his main technique. In addition to being a designer, Eduardo is also a plastic modeler, musician and commercial pilot, his main occupation. Passionate about aviation, he always seeks maximum realism in his works.


An idea is born

        In 2012, Eduardo developed a sticker for his class of the new equipment to be flown, the Boeing 737-800 (picture). After the end of the airline, where he worked as a co-pilot, he noticed a personal need to have stickers of the aircraft he had already flown, but with a more reliable design. It was then that he started the creation of several gear of the main commercial aircraft. Upon completion of the work, he decided to draw up a business plan. In September 2013, the aeroarte Facebook page was opened. At the end of the same month, the first aeroarte website was launched, fully developed by Eduardo.

New Horizons

Starting in 2017, we expanded our store to ebay. With that, our stickers started to be sold all over the world. In 2020, Aeroarte had its biggest expansion, with the arrival of equipment for the production of stickers (until then outsourced), as well as the expansion of the product mix, with mugs, posters and new special stickers, such as chrome . Keeping the same level of precision in the development of the adhesives, the new products were a success, making Aeroarte a reference in products of the segment.


Mission, vision and values

Our mission
Bringing customers affordable, quality, differentiated and exclusive products, also promoting the Art of Aviation in the World.

Our vision
To be the reference in items related to aviation.

Our values
- Love God above all things.
- Integrity: austere, honest, responsible and transparent conduct.
- Commitment: excellence in customer service, focusing on their needs.
- Quality: excellence in the creation and commercialization of products

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